1. How can I receive more information concerning a specific program?
      Brochures containing extensive information are prepared for each of our public programs. They are posted on this web site approximately 2 months prior to the program start date. If you need additional information, please call (757-683-4603) or send an e-mail message to appropriate staff member.


    1. Are there any prerequisites for program?
      Center programs have prerequisites and/or degree requirements. In some cases, however, you may need some prior professional experience or training to benefit fully from them. This is addressed in the online program description.


    1. Is financial aid available?
      Scholarships are not available for our programs. However, some programs may qualify for tuition reimbursement by employers. Please check with your organization’s training or human resources department. The University accepts payment by Visa or MasterCard, which may enable you to pay for a program over several months. Some programs may be eligible for the Payment Plan. Please request more information.


    1. Will military tuition assistance cover these programs?
      Veteran’s benefits may be used for the Executive Management Certificate, the Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting, and the Certified Financial Planner Certification Education Program. Contact your education coordinator to determine if your branch of service will cover the program.


    1. Are there other funding options available?
      See question three regarding financial aid and deferred payment options.


    1. Is physical attendance necessary, or are the programs available as Internet or correspondence programs?
      All programs are instructor-led on site.


    1. What, if any, credit hours are associated with this program?
      In general, these programs do not earn academic credits that can be used toward a college degree.  Participants earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), the nationally-recognized unit of measurement, for non-academic professional training and continuing education programs.  You may earn, upon completion of the Professional Human Resource Management program, and passing the PHR or SPHR examination, 3 credit hours at the undergraduate level. These credits may only be awarded to students seeking an undergraduate degree at Old Dominion University only. For details call (757) 683-4603.


    1. I am not enrolled at Old Dominion University. Do I have to apply to the University to register for a program?
      No. You do not have to be registered as an ODU matriculated student to take these programs.


    1. Is this program appropriate for me?
      Program webpages indicate the appropriate audience for whom the program is intended, as well as any prior experience or knowledge that may be needed to fully benefit from the program. You should contact us and speak to the Program Manager if you have any questions as to your eligibility.


    1. If I want to drop out of the program after I’ve started, will I get my money back?
      No, there are no refunds after a program begins. Please check individual programs for withdrawal notification and refund policy.


    1. How much study time is required?
      This varies considerably according to both program content and your subject knowledge. However, most of our participants are working in full-time jobs, and they have been able to handle study requirements adequately. As a very general rule of thumb, you may plan on an hour of outside reading and preparation for every hour of class


  1. How do I get to the training site?
    After you register, you will be mailed an acknowledgement and other materials, and a parking pass.  If you do not receive these materials within two weeks of payment, please contact us at (757) 683-4603.