Customized Curriculums

We can provide customized training programs in virtually any business or management area tailored to meet your specific needs, in terms of content, length, timing and location as well as the use of exercises, examples and case studies relevant to the participants’ work. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, federal, state and local government, and international organizations. For an initial consultation, contact Dr. Larry Filer by email or phone (757) 683-3574.

The following are examples of the types of customized training programs we have provided to our  customers;

Executive Education

  • Team Development and Leadership for Sr. Management
  • Developing Executive Leadership
  • Management Development for Sr. Managers
  • Strategic Management
  • Executive Presentations


  • Leadership for Front-Line Supervisors
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Leadership and Team Development for Mid-Level Managers
  • Leadership and Team Development for Technical Professionals
  • Developing Executive Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Communicating for Peak Performance
  • Developing High Performance Work Teams

Communication Skills

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Listening Skills for Successful Communication
  • Successful Presentation Skills
  • Winning Negotiations
  • Essential Business Grammar Skills
  • Business Writing for English as a Second Language Individuals
  • Technical Writing

Financial Management

  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Finance and Accounting for Sr. Management

Management Development

  • Project Management
  • Managing Technical Professionals
  • Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Managing Difficult Employees
  • Managing in the Public Sector
  • Coaching Essentials
  • Finance for the Non-Financial Manager

Manufacturing Management

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Train The Trainer


  • Management Consulting
  • Instructional Design for Distance Learning